SOPA, PIPA and the GoDaddy Tipping Point

If you own a web site, you need to care about SOPA and PIPA, two of the most ham-fisted measures ever introduced in the name of online copyright protection. Here's a shorthand guide to this legislation, and a look at how GoDaddy's bizarre support for it triggered an internet boycott.

Tags: SOPA, Go Daddy

Ubercart 3 Vs. Drupal Commerce: The Choices for Drupal 7 Shopping Carts Get More Complicated

Developers looking for a Drupal-native shopping carts now have two choices for e-commerce: Long-time leader Ubercart (now ported to Drupal 7); and Drupal Commerce, a new system written from the ground up by some of the former members of the Ubercart team. With two options to choose from, which project gets it right?

Reading Between the Lines of Online Customer Surveys

Taking an online customer survey can tell you a lot about the issues a competitor is facing, and provide a glimpse into where they might be going next.

Theme Taxonomy Terms As Links

Sometimes you need to strip out a few of your taxonomy terms and display them apart from the main list of tags. Here's how.
Tags: Drupal

10 Things Every Designer Should Know About the Web

A handful of guidelines for designers new to the web.
Tags: Design
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